Our approach to development has changed many lives, and they are worth documenting. To record the change, we have an innovative tool called "life story", which record the voices of affected person, his/her family members and other concerned people also. In this regard we develop series of life stories which are treated as a basic document to research our initiative as well as the change happened in the life of the affected person.

"My daughters are studying. I want them to become doctors", a confident Basamma says as she is on the path of recovery and take charge of her life as well as her family. (read more)

Binapani Devi
"I was suffering with my physical illness and wife's mental illness when more troubles made me captive" Mr. Singh says as he shares his pain of having two mentally ill people in his family to take care. (read more)

"They got married and he continued begging and she was working at the construction sites. Mariyamma delivered a male child after 2 years of marriage. The boy was very active and good looking. Two years after the birth the child expired we do not know the actual reasons, as we were not aware of the health problems. Most probably she might have developed illness after this incidence because after this she was not able to conceive", says Chandrappa, a recovered person with mental illness.(read more)

"20 days later from the date of beginning of intake of medicines, Krishnappa started improving and doing small jobs. We decided that we would not stop giving him medicines till we die", Shivamma, mother of Krishnappa says about the development seen in his son's mental status. (read more)

"I thought he was referring to growing tall. But philosophically the statement questions the very definition of growth & development", shares the person who was in interaction with the affected person, Nagaraju. (read more)

One day Padmavathy noticed that Srinivasalu has become very religious, initially it was appreciated later it became problem, as he was not sleeping throughout night, nor allowing others to sleep, expecting others also pray. Srinivasalu has changed as the illness has grown. (read more)

"I am feeling near normal. I do all the jobs such as cooking, washing, housekeeping, tailoring etc., as in the past. I continue to meet the doctor once a month and take medicine regularly. Of course now it is reduced dosage now", Sugunamma says as she find everything becoming happier around her. (read more)

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