Basic Needs India (BNI) initiated Community Mental Health and Development program (CMHD) in Maharastra in the year 2009 through consulting with like minded NGO's for including mental health in their development programme. BNI is partnering with 6 development organizations presently. Each organization brings into this mental health network their own strengths based on their experience and focus of work. Together  the 6 partner organisations are working in 10 blocks of five districts, with high percentage of tribal population, namely: Nashik, Thane, Aurangabad, Pune and Nandurbar.

The programme is beingimplemented with 6 partner organisations in 10 blocks of 5 districts such as, Nashik, Thane, Aurangabad, Pune and Nandurbar. Mostly of these districts are dominated by tribal population.

Achievements for last 9 months

  • Treatment facilities are available at the civil hospitals and developed strategies for tapping it to the block level hospitals as done in Thane district
  • More than 500 people living with mental illness been identified by all the partners
  • Field staff gaining confidence in identifying people living with mental illness
  • 169 Identified people living with mental illness refered for treatment
  • Awareness programmes/village level meetings been conducted by all the partners, expressed the usefulness of handbills and street plays in creating awareness
  • Inclusion in the organizational activities seen in all the organizations
  • Documentation of individual files and the data base been initiated
  • Mental health issues been raised at NRHM state and district meetings
  • Most of the partners working (mental health work) in tribal territories
  • The flip charts on mental illness been printed and used for awareness generation during village level meetings and self help group meeting by all the partners
  • Networking with the like minded organizations like Bapu Trust, Sathi, TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) etc for state level advocacy activities to discuss about the ground realities in the rural maharastra